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Crystal-Dome technology changes flat graphic symbols into eye-catching self-adhesive 3-D images for badges, emblems, nameplates and lots more. UV and weather resistant, durable Crystal-Dome resists indentation.

Crystal-Dome is scratch proof, retains its glossy look for the long term and can be applied to different surfaces and materials.

Offers you:

•   Designs in any shape.
•   Printing on any surface.
•   Outdoor or indoor options.
•   Special adhesives.
•   Layering effect to give increased depth.
•   Cut-out effects to replace an overall bubble.
•   Different heights in one design (embossing).
•   Doming on selected areas of the graphics.
•   Combined flat and domed effects.
•   Combining with Super-Dome.


•   Electronic devices.
•   Tool boxes.
•   Hi-tech equipment.
•   Bathroom fittings.
•   Household goods.
•   Automotive indusrty.
•   Cellular communications.
•   Advertising.

And lots more...